Q/A with Ashton Hethcote, welcome to the UGo Team!

Why did you choose to join the UGo Bars Team?

Honestly, I talked Rebecca, and heard the brand's mission from her perspective, and immediately connected to it.  When I started to truly think about the mission behind UGo Bars, that is when I was really hooked.  Food is such a root in the overall structure of our lives, and there is so much to be learned on that path. With my connection to UGo Bars, it has driven me to want to educate myself on more, to be a part of a movement that assists our society in changing the way we think, by starting the conversation with the way we eat.

To be a part of a brand that uses its platform and product to not only provide the most natural and delicious nutrition, but to also spark dialogue around the positives of a forward thinking movement, that is powerful, and that is something I am proud to be a part of!


What is your UGo Word? : inclusivity, diversity, environmentalism, awareness, or adventure

They are all topics I could find such great motivation behind claiming, but my word if I have to choose one is awareness.  Being aware is the first step to all of it.  To being able to truly see meaning in the other you must first be aware of these topics themselves.  Being aware enough to think about what you say and do, and how you can impact change if you are aware and open to it!


What is your favorite bar?

Definitely the Sage bar.  I have never had a bar with Chili powder in it before, and didn’t think I would like it at first… but now I can’t get enough.


What is your favorite adventure location?

Somewhere lost by the ocean.  There are a few secret beaches in Northern California, yea those are my favorite.


What is the most exciting part about this journey with UGo Bars?

The ability to connect with so many different people!  Especially those who support the mission of the brand.  Its amazing to see how a snack bar company can connect so many individuals who maybe on the surface are not like minded, but at the core want similar things.  UGo Bars is definitely more than just a snack bar company.

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