Kickstarter WEEK 2! Updated stats below

UGo Bar's  is aiming for $40,000 in a 30 day campaign, ending July 11. (What's a Kickstarter?)

We are asking our local community and customers to rally behind us to make this transition possible!

UGo Bars began in August 2013 when our local Coop, Bloomingfoods, sold our very first bar, making our existence possible. Since then, we have steadily expanded to over 100 retail outlets throughout the MidWest, and across 17 states. People are clamoring for this uniquely fresh take on snacking, and we are trying to become more accessible as we grow. We also ship directly to customers all over the country, every day. 

Over the past 2.5 years, we have handcrafted every bar, working nights in a shared commissary. Recently, we hired 2 employees to help make the volume of bars, and we've also outgrown our shared kitchen space at One World Commissary, and need to build out our own full 2000q ft bay. 

As a Small Business, we are relying on customer support to get us off the ground regarding expensive buildout costs like electrical work, plumbing, a fire suppression hood system, and proper venting, which will cost the bulk of the funds we are raising. If we have money left after that, we will put it towards Mixers, Ovens, Tables and Storage. 

We have been planning this kitchen move for a year and just put a fresh coat of paint on this week. It's ours, but it's empty. 

We'd like it to look like this! 

One World Commissary, our model kitchen 
One World Commissary, our model kitchen
Up to date stats:


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