What's a UGo (YOU-GO) Bar?

As a small, locally-owned & operated business, UGo Bars, LLC believes that all food should be FRESH and NOURISHING. Food effects your energy, mood, and even your role within the community. Just because you lead a busy life, don’t sacrifice your healthy and delicious snacking options. Today, will you help support your community; will you fuel yourself fully for adventure? 

Everyday, UGo Bars challenges you to ask yourself, “Where Will UGo Today?”

UGo Bars, LLC prioritizes all-natural, preservative-free freshness in all our products. We handcraft everything in small batches. Each UGo bar has a 3-month shelf life to ensure premium quality and maximum nutrition benefits. Other bars have close to a 12 month+ shelf life.

As an added bonus, every time you bite into a UGo bar, take pride in knowing that you are promoting local, sustainable choices. Even our UGo Bars Apparel is of the highest quality and American-made. UGo Bars believes in small-business integration within communities. This is why we sponsor the UGo Stars, as well as a growing list of other community and charity organizations. Look at our Calendar and Community page to see how your support of UGo Bars is helping everywhere.

Feel Good when you choose UGo Bars! And share with us, “Where Will UGo Today?”

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